We are a San Diego based company that specializes in windshield repair. We offer mobile service so you no longer need to worry about where to go because we come to you.

What is a windshield Repair?

Windshield repair is the process of filling the damaged area of a windshield with an optically clear adhesive resin, and curing it. This process restores the windshield's original strength, while improving visibility, without removing the glass from the car.

Why repair?

There are many benefits to repairing your damaged windshield. Cost of a repair is 25% of the replacement cost of a new windshield. That saves you money! Repair time is approximately 20-30 minutes versus 24-72 hours it take for a new windshield to cure. That saves you time! Finally, the factory seal remains intact. Water and air won't come in. That prevents any future problems!

Preparation ~

Never wash windshield prior to repair. Increased or decreased temperature change could cause windshield crack to spread.

Therefore, during the summer, keep windshield cool before repaired. During the winter, try to keep vehicle garaged and out of the rain.

Warranty ~

All of our repairs are guaranteed. The repair prevents further cracking and improves visibility.